Groove Music and OneDrive: FAQ online

Groove Music OneDrive is the music streaming service which Microsoft put live to compete with Google Music, Spotify, Deezer and similar platforms, by taking advantage of the multimedia software Groove and personal and business cloud OneDrive. Unfortunately, the Groove Music and OneDrive platform will be retired in 2019, so it will not be longer available for new subscriptions. 

Such retirement of the service has produced some concerns and doubts respecting the actual users, who do not know if the service will be completely removed along with songs and online files store in OneDrive. In order to clear doubts respecting this matter, the Groove Music OneDrive FAQ is available to answer different questions users may have.

Doubts about Groove Music OneDrive streaming service 

Specifically, the music streaming service offered by Microsoft will be retired in March 31st, 2019, so to stream music using the Groove and OneDrive platforms will not be possible after this date. Since the service obviously had users, there are certain doubts that Microsoft wants to answer through the corresponding frequent asked questions website or FAQ. 

Streaming music using this service was possible saving music files on OneDrive, which were reproduced directly from the cloud to the user. So, one common question about the users was if such music files were going to be deleted from their OneDrive accounts. The answer is no, music files will remain safe in OneDrive and can be downloaded to any device local or mobile. 

However, any data stored in the program like playlists, preferences and other synchronization will be removed in the date previously mentioned, and the platform will no longer be available. Because of this, Microsoft is recommending the users to download the music files from the OneDrive accounts to personal computer and devices, in case they want to listen to them performing any activity.  

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