Complete guide to Narrator

Complete guide to Narrator

Windows as operating system is a platform that carried out by Microsoft is designed to provide the best experience to users, for those who want to take advantage of the OS but unfortunately have a disability, being blind of the most critical ones due to the lack of sight in a software that is very visual and works under GUI.  

For this reason, with Windows 10 as the latest version of the operating system Microsoft decided to include the ultimate tool to help blind users and others with disabilities to take the most out of the OS, with the help of Narrator. 

In the next paragraph there is a complete guide to Narrator, explaining what it is and how can be used by blind people or others that can be more comfortable with audible-assisted experience, along the whole general software and also respecting internet browsers, web sites, settings, file explorer, text and more. 

What is and how to enable Narrator in Windows 10? 

Narrator is a built-in app in Windows 10 that acts a text reader that works in any app, internet browser, file manager, web pages and more, being perfect for those who suffer disabilities like blindness. The greatest advantage respecting Narrator is that is completely integrated in the system and does not require any additional download or third-party software. 

Microsoft offers a complete guide to learn to use Narrator in Windows 10 online, through the URL address, where users can learn how to use the platform following easy steps. Such guide can also be downloaded in .DOCX and .PDF files for best convenience, even being available in braille. 

Enabling Narrator is very easy. The user just have to press the Windows key in the keyboard, at the same time that the letter “Ctrl” and “Enter”, and in this way Narrator will be automatically enabled and ready to use. 

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