Find the address 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond at Mapquest

Using different map-based apps and tools to find addresses and locations is almost a necessity these days, especially when we are driving in a new city or place that is unknown. So, this is where platforms like Mapquest and similar comes in to make the process of finding addresses very easy, with the help of mobile devices. 

For example, in order to find the address 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond at Mapquest the process is very simple, as it will be explained next in a few simple steps that can be followed directly on the website acceding from the computer or mobile browser. 

Entering data to find locations and addresses at Mapquest 

Using Mapquest is simple to find any location or address taking advantage of its platform via webpage or app, by just entering information regarding the place to find such as place, street name, city and state. In the map hotels, restaurants, stores, supermarkets and gas stations are highlighted, since like this such places can be found easily. 

Placed at the top left corner there is an address bar to write information about the place to be found. For instance, if we are interested in finding “1 Microsoft Way, Redmond” to know where are the Microsoft headquarters in the city of Redmond, we just write such information in the address bar, and automatically the platform will start loading and will show where the place is, along with nearby places and streets. 

Also, with this tool the user will be able to set routes with the Route Planner function, get directions and get indications to the place in real time, book hotels and flights and more, everything in one place and always backed up by the map that is always present, including social options as well like sharing and set locations as Favorite.