Download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode, and Read Aloud

Download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode, and Read Aloud

Voices and text-to-speech options are very important for many people when using different tools and software, especially when they have a disability as being blind or similar. For example, Microsoft in most of the online services, software and hardware that the company offers allow to use text-to-speech, and even download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode and Read Aloud. 

Forget about reading in Microsoft´s different services 

Whether you are using different platforms and software offered by Microsoft like OneNote, Word, Read Aloud, Microsoft Edge and the Office Editor Panel, the company through the online support provide the possibility to download new languages for text-to-speech functionality, in order to avoid reading and listen to any information and text shown in web pages, applications, as well as documents created in Office compatible formats. 

These new languages to download are compatible with several versions of Windows, Edge, Office and other platforms offered by Microsoft. However, the installing process to explain shortly is based on Windows 10 as most recent Windows version, although the process to add a new language for Windows 8,1 is also available in the support online platform. 

To add a new language to use in text-to-speech and download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode and Read Aloud is very simple. In Windows 10 machine go to Menu-Settings-Time and Language-Region and Language and then select the option “Add a language”. Then, choose the desired language to install from the available list. 

When the language has been downloaded and installed, the next step is go back to Region and Language-Options and choose the new language to default. In the Speech option in Time and Language the user now just have to choose the new language in “Text to Speech”, Non-native Accents” and “Text-to-Speech”, finishing the process clicking on “Get started” so Windows can set Cortana and other functions for the new language installed. 


Be aware of the weather in detail with

Weather conditions are imperative for many people at the moment they leave their house to go to work or simply outside, since depending if is going to be rainy or sunny they can dress for it and be aware and prepared in terms of accessories to count on and traffic, being easy to consul thanks to mobile devices. Respecting this matter, there is no more influential platform globally than 

Knowing more about the platform of 

With a history that started back in 1982, is a technological platform that offer very detailed information about the weather and every aspect related, almost anywhere in the world thanks to the possibilities bough by internet a few years ago. With no doubt, this service is the most known and used to be aware how the weather conditions are at any given moment and even at some point in the short and mid-term. 

When we access to the platform of the Weather Channel online through mobile or local devices we will be able to use different options and consult a wide set of information respecting the weather, whether in the actual location the user is determined by internet connection and GPS, as well as other destination enter manually, being practically every city and region across the globe. 

For example, using the platform the user will be able to search and consult the weather in any location, by entering city name, postal code or street name. Information like temperature in degrees or Fahrenheit, wind, humidity, condensation, pressure, UV index, thermic sensation and more, in actual present and next days and short periods of time. 

In fact, forecast can be consulted by the hour, every 5 or 10 days, every weekend and every month. There are maps also available and sun and moon positions in the sky, for more detailed information about weather conditions. 

Do what you love with Microsoft Careers

Do what you love with Microsoft Careers

Do what you love with Microsoft Careers

Microsoft is definitely of the largest and most significant technological companies around the world, leader in software and hardware solutions for quite some time new by having business and home products and services that are used by millions globally. 

However, Microsoft is more than a company that sells products; it is an organization that takes responsibility for the future, having its own academic and pedagogical offer with Microsoft Careers. 

Academic offer by Microsoft 

Microsoft as influential technology company over the years has acquired the responsibility and commitment to help building a brighter future, with an innovative culture and a new approach that allows to prepare and hire professionals either recently graduate, students or experienced workers. 

At Microsoft people can really do what they love, get the personal and community goals they have established and be themselves no matter what, in order to provide an actual impact in the world and help in a manner that really counts, to solve problems and create real solutions. 

With the tools Microsoft provides students and professionals can get the most out of their careers and fields, including business development, costumer success, data center, engineering, finance, hardware engineering and manufacturing, marketing, human resources, retail, technical sales, services and so many more. 

In the same way, the Microsoft Careers as academic and hiring offer are based on three important pillars: artificial intelligence and everything that can be achieved through machine learning, cloud-based platforms as the most innovative tool since the internet, and the social relevance of diversity and inclusion, knowing that this is where strengths and real values and success are. 

In fact, Microsoft emphasizes the important of inclusive hiring that include people with disabilities but with great potential to offer, achieving the mission of empowering and helping them to have a relevant role in a better future, by giving such amazing people and workforce the same opportunities other have.