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Become a Microsoft Developer

Microsoft Developer

Microsoft is without a doubt one of the most outstanding and influential companies of technology in the world, behind platforms like operating systems and software solutions that are used by millions including business and home approach. Being like this, the company from Redmond have plenty of different services and related platform that required app and software development, where the Microsoft Developer option comes on. 

A whole set of platforms to create apps and software for

With the Microsoft Developer initiative, any person with knowledge or those who want to learn have the opportunity to create software and applications, for the many different platforms this company offers to the public, with the use of diverse technologies that are property of Microsoft and other technology companies. 

To get started, Microsoft base the development of apps and resource for their platform with four pillars; Windows in all of their home and business version as main operating system, Azure as the advanced cloud-based enterprising computing solution, Visual Studio as actual developer and edition software and Office as ultimate suite for productivity use that is always required and handy.

Through these four main platform Microsoft wants to boost up and impulse a development environment to create apps, software and for many platforms of their own and other companies, in the form of application for Windows in PC and mobile versions, for the cloud, .NET, bots for Skype, SharePoint, and more. 

Of course, becoming a Microsoft Developer also means being able to create games for the different platforms, including 3D graphics and even augmented reality solutions for entertainment, if that is the project to carry out. 

To be able to develop all of these software Microsoft and is developers relies on other technologies and frameworks like JAVA, .NET, C++, Python and Dynamics 365. Every solution will be possible to have mobile services like analytics and device testing, data and storage wise resources like Big Data and NoSQL, artificial intelligence and automatized API and monitoring. 

Microsoft Store

The hottest Microsoft Store deals

The Microsoft Store is offering amazing deals respecting different products and games, which are sold by Microsoft itself and other brands that in some case have fifty percent discount. There are from computers and video-consoles to games, smart phones, surface devices, accessories and more. These are the hottest Microsoft deals at its official stores to take into account, providing known benefits like free shipping, free returns and free-in-store picks. 

Get the best deal at Microsoft Stores 

The best deals at Microsoft Store obviously have to involve products from the company, being great example the Surface line of computers, convertible and laptops with the best Intel processors, touch screens and long battery life. 

For example, the Surface Pro 6 as the latest product from this line and cannot be missed from these deals, starting at 799 dollars the mini-bundle that includes the device and the sold separately Type Cover, as one of the best keyboards for laptops out there, period.  

Still with Surface products, there a good value deal with the Surface Laptop 2 Essentials Bundle, which includes the device, an Office 365 subscription for a year, Microsoft Complete with 2 year warranty and other benefits, starting with a price of 1.167,99 dollars. 

Of course, there are other deals that offer great value for the money with relevant discounts. PCs and laptops from brands like ASUS, MSI and Razor are included with powerful gaming devices with dedicated Nvidia´s GTX dedicated graphic cards, 7th and 8th Gen Intel Core Processors, SSD and Optane Storage and Full HD and up to 4K resolution screens. 

Gaming consoles and accessories have their place respecting the Microsoft Store Deals, especially XBOX One platforms in their different One, One S, One S All-Digital Edition and XBOX One X, starting at 249,99 dollars the cheapest one. Accessories like the Surface Headphones, Nest Cams and Samsung Wireless Charger are available with substantial discounts.