Details about Microsoft Product Licensing Terms

Details about Microsoft Product Licensing Terms

Behind the purchase of every product, online service or similar there is always terms of use that describe the conditions, characteristics, rights, duties and exceptions the user has respecting such purchase. While in retail this is usually very basic and for individuals, the wholesale terms for volume purchases made by stores and companies are more complex, as the perfect example the Microsoft Product Licensing Terms. 

Conditions established for Volume Licensing programs by Microsoft 

The Microsoft Product Licensing Terms are the ones that define the conditions and use terms for online services and products, specifically for Microsoft Volume Licensing programs that are offered by the company to wholesale stores and companies interested on selling its products, starting from computer and devices to software and operating system. 

Being wholesale, this volume licensing approach is obviously addressed to be harnessed of large stores that are able to sell software and hardware in retail, having terms and conditions that obviously have to correspond to such approach, in direct comparison to TOS and product licensing for retail products and online service, also known as end-user. 

Through the Microsoft Product Licensing platform online users and wholesalers are able to consult product terms, which are updated every month by adding and modifying different clauses depending context and laws. All of these documents and terms are available for download in a wide set of languages, to be understandable in practically every country in the world. 

Also, the Microsoft Volume Licensing program usually involves online service terms for that software and platform available on the internet, along with the Services Provider Use Rights or SPUR, Service Level Agreement and EULA Product List, being the legal bases for retailers, wholesalers and users to benefit from Microsoft products and stay protected and aware of law achievement, either respecting software and hardware solutions and more.  

Microsoft License Terms

Microsoft License Terms as Important Information

Every product and especially service that we acquire online is related to what is called Terms of Services or TOS, as the document where every condition, exception and description of the provided service is explained and the user signs or accepts, in the case every they are agree with every clause. 

Respecting Microsoft, products and services offered by the company have Microsoft License Terms as well, such as Windows, Skype, OneDrive, Azure, Office, server platforms and more that the user must agree with in first instance to be able to utilize them. 

In most cases the majority, if not all average users avoid reading the Terms of Service respecting any product, skipping information that is important to know in case of malfunctioning or any other situation. That is why; Microsoft License Terms are offered online to consult. 

How to consult Microsoft License Terms online?

Microsoft offers a very easy tool to use online, in order to consult any license terms respecting its software and even hardware product lines. 

By visiting the URL address on any browser of choice the user will be able to download any Microsoft License Terms regarding a great set of products. After entering the URL address the next step is to select if the software was acquired directly from Microsoft or preinstalled on a computer.

After choosing the corresponding option, the next information to enter is selecting from a list of product names that could be from Windows to Office, SQL Server, Azure and more. 

The last two steps to complete are related to the version of the product and language. The last thing to do is clicking on “Go” and the platform will show the corresponding License Terms to download. This is a perfect tool to consult guarantee and other conditions and situations related to the acquire software or hardware provided by Microsoft.