Find the address 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond at Mapquest

Using different map-based apps and tools to find addresses and locations is almost a necessity these days, especially when we are driving in a new city or place that is unknown. So, this is where platforms like Mapquest and similar comes in to make the process of finding addresses very easy, with the help of mobile devices. 

For example, in order to find the address 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond at Mapquest the process is very simple, as it will be explained next in a few simple steps that can be followed directly on the website acceding from the computer or mobile browser. 

Entering data to find locations and addresses at Mapquest 

Using Mapquest is simple to find any location or address taking advantage of its platform via webpage or app, by just entering information regarding the place to find such as place, street name, city and state. In the map hotels, restaurants, stores, supermarkets and gas stations are highlighted, since like this such places can be found easily. 

Placed at the top left corner there is an address bar to write information about the place to be found. For instance, if we are interested in finding “1 Microsoft Way, Redmond” to know where are the Microsoft headquarters in the city of Redmond, we just write such information in the address bar, and automatically the platform will start loading and will show where the place is, along with nearby places and streets. 

Also, with this tool the user will be able to set routes with the Route Planner function, get directions and get indications to the place in real time, book hotels and flights and more, everything in one place and always backed up by the map that is always present, including social options as well like sharing and set locations as Favorite.

Consulting Microsoft Support for help

Consulting Microsoft Support for help

Customer service and support are very important aspects of the purchase and sale process of any product, since after it there may be doubts or question frequently users end up having almost for sure.

Therefore, big companies and enterprises offer support channel for consultation and queries their use ma want to perform, such as Microsoft Support as the platform offered by the company from Redmond to help. 

What users may find in Microsoft Support site? 

Specifically, the Microsoft Support site is an online platform offered by the company, in which is possible to find help respecting all the products sold by it in every line of software and hardware solutions released. 

From downloading drivers to find information about products and obtain costumer service by phone or by chat, the Microsoft Support site is the page to use to deal with any inconvenience any product sold by Microsoft is producing, regardless of their nature. 

To access this service from the company the user just have to visit the platform, from any browser of choice. 

In there, a search bar will be the first element to appear where the user is going to be able to write any keyword respecting help or query needed, such as product model or line, software and hardware, business solutions, news and more that will lead to different sections, forums and other platforms to provide quick solution to inconveniences or issues.

In case the user did not know about the problem their having, how to describe it or the exact model of product or software involved to provide to the platform and obtain proper help. 

Below the search bar there are different options to choose respecting software platforms and product lines offered by Microsoft, such as Windows, Skype, XBOX, OneDrive, Office, Surface, Edge, Surface devices and many more, getting the user to different sections regarding the chosen product to solve different problems. 

App and Browser Control to avoid risk installing software in Windows

App and Browser Control to avoid risk installing software in Windows

When it comes to installing software in Windows, in some cases we might end up installing software that can harm our machine or computer, particularly when the developer is unknown and the file comes from certain places on the internet that are not worthy of trust. To avoid that, the App and Browser Control on Windows 10 is perfect to avoid risks even before they appear. 

What is the App and Browser Control?

The App and Browser Control is a tool that allow the user to set different parameters to protect their computer through Windows Defender Smart Screen, mostly against dangerous installation of programs and software when these come from untrusted developers, as well as risky websites and domains that are related to harmful content that can access the computer or device.

The thing about App and Browser Control is that is capable through simple settings to avoid the execution of harmful software or website scripts, even before these take action to infect the device with malware. In this way, the tool act as a shield that is set to avoid installation when it launched accidently or by the user. 

All of these settings can be established through Windows Defender home screen, or also via Control Panel in the case of using a previous version of Windows 10, such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. Now, for the tool to work properly every time it is recommended to keep Windows Defender up to date through Windows Update. 

Fortunately, App and Browser Control is capable of defending any device from harmful apps, software and infected websites all together, but its function must be combined with some advices to keep our computer as clean as possible, such as avoiding installing apps out of the Windows Store, as well as downloading unverified software in .EXE format and suspicious web pages. 

Microsoft TechNet Documentation and Resources

Microsoft TechNet Documentation and Resources

Microsoft as one of the most important technology companies worldwide offers support and resource platforms online, in order to provide valuable information available to users and professionals respecting products and solutions home and business wise. Now, the one platform known for these features and more provided by the company from Redmond is the Microsoft TechNet: Documentation and Resources. 

Microsoft TechNet as the web portal for IT Professional and users 

Since 1998, the Microsoft TechNet portal has been available as an innovative platform of its type until today, in which different sorts of users like IT professional, end users, developers and more have permanently available a wide set of technical and specialized resources, working as a worldwide library that still every day. 

The different resources available have to do with documentation, technical support, downloads, forums, blogs, a wiki library and even a learning center where users and professional can learn to manage and use different Microsoft products and solutions, with interactive classes and online courses that has been improved and added over the years and with the release of new services by Microsoft. 

In other words, the Microsoft TechNet: Documentation and Resources is a general and integral support platform to obtain and provide help from other users and the company itself, through the different channels available with specialized approaches for professional and users who want to get more technical knowledge about solutions provided by Microsoft, being perfect examples Windows, Azure, Intune, Visual Studio and more. 

This platform works at present time under three bases; troubleshooting, download and training possibilities, addressing all types of general and more detailed topics, such as cloud platform with Azure and Windows Server, Mobility wise with Windows 10 and Edge, as well as productiyvity with the Office 365 suite, SharePoint, Exchange and Dynamics 365, along with the Microsoft Evaluation Center for trial products and software demo.