Taking advantage of Bing News

Bing News

Bing is the fully featured search engine provided by Microsoft that allows to find information all over the web, such as documents, images, web pages and text depending on the users´ needs and the performed query. Nevertheless, Bing is more than a search engine; it is an information platform that connect every services provided by Microsoft. One of this services is Bing News. 

What is Bing News? 

Specifically, Bing News is the information and news platform powered by Bing that offers resources and posts about events taking place locally and internationally, which can be published by any number of online news websites, magazines, specialized media and other platform. 

So, Bing gathers all of these platforms and the information and news posted in one place for easy access to the users, taking into account place and country, as well as hour and region to make the shown news valuable from the user’s perspective, since information from other locations might useless if they are not internationally influential. 

Such as the regular search engine, Bing News can search for information and news related to one question, keyword or query introduced by the user, showing always in first instance posts near the user that match with such consultation, in order to make those result worthy of being visited by the consumers online. 

Bing News shows posts and information about any type of event, involving political, sports, business and entertainment nature, as well as other genres like international, national and crime related news, always in real time and with updated information. 

Apart from showing locally important news and information to the user, everything is shown in the language of the region. Also, Bing News allows to save news regarding a specific query or keyword, which can be consulted quickly in the “My Saves” section, being particularly useful when users want to read news about the same topic every day.

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