Find photos and images in different formats with Bing Images

Bing Images

Bing is the search engine offered online by Microsoft with several features, being also the technology that empowers different search capabilities built-in on web sites. Among the functions of Bing there is the possibility to search for any type of file available on the web, and when it comes to photos and images the platform and function Bing Images is the way to go. 

Bing Images: The visual search offered by Microsoft

Through Bing Images the user is able to find visual files in many formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF and many more, at just one click away. This is particularly helpful when the resources to find online are visual that must be used in slide presentations, web pages and other platform, as well as casual download of photos for phones, tablets and computers. 

In order to find images on Bing the process is very simple. The user just have to access to the platform and search for images directly, by writing “(the keyword or object to search + image)”. In this way, the search engine will show image results in relation to the keyword entered, not including web page results or documents that do not correspond to image files or format. 

In the same way, Bing also offers the specific tab to search images that filter the results in the easiest way. For example, after entering the Bing platform we click in the “image” tab and in this way the search engine will show related image files of every format available. 

When a search is carried out, there are different options to filter the results and find the better images possible. These options involve size, format, aspect ratio, quality, copyrights and more. Therefore, Bing is capable of narrowing the search to the users´ best convenience every time, offering the best results possible. 

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