App and Browser Control to avoid risk installing software in Windows

App and Browser Control to avoid risk installing software in Windows

When it comes to installing software in Windows, in some cases we might end up installing software that can harm our machine or computer, particularly when the developer is unknown and the file comes from certain places on the internet that are not worthy of trust. To avoid that, the App and Browser Control on Windows 10 is perfect to avoid risks even before they appear. 

What is the App and Browser Control?

The App and Browser Control is a tool that allow the user to set different parameters to protect their computer through Windows Defender Smart Screen, mostly against dangerous installation of programs and software when these come from untrusted developers, as well as risky websites and domains that are related to harmful content that can access the computer or device.

The thing about App and Browser Control is that is capable through simple settings to avoid the execution of harmful software or website scripts, even before these take action to infect the device with malware. In this way, the tool act as a shield that is set to avoid installation when it launched accidently or by the user. 

All of these settings can be established through Windows Defender home screen, or also via Control Panel in the case of using a previous version of Windows 10, such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. Now, for the tool to work properly every time it is recommended to keep Windows Defender up to date through Windows Update. 

Fortunately, App and Browser Control is capable of defending any device from harmful apps, software and infected websites all together, but its function must be combined with some advices to keep our computer as clean as possible, such as avoiding installing apps out of the Windows Store, as well as downloading unverified software in .EXE format and suspicious web pages. 

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